Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nudist Naturist Faction Sick N Slimy Video

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By Wiccan Pope Vidian
Wiccan Popess Vidia
Nudist Naturist Faction Sick N Slimy Video
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As you all know, there are many verses in the Holy Bible proving Nudism is Holy to the God of Israel, Jehovah and His Consort Wisdom of Proverbs 8, who now lives within the Christ Yeshua. The Son of God who died on the cross for forgiveness of sins, and was raised from the dead 3 days later, after retrieving the key to hell from Satan. If not click Here to read the Verses before you begin reading what is written below.

All written in Red is from Wiccan Pope Vidian
All written in Purple is from Wiccan Popess Vidia


Wiccan Pope

I feel the problem with today’s society is all linked to objectifying the opposite sex. In the beginning Adam and Eve were naked and felt no shame. Obviously the Lord Hunter God Allah- Jehovah and His beloved Consort Mother Wisdom were too. Otherwise the desire to be clothed would grow in their son and daughter’s minds. 
After they consumed the physical fruit drug poison knowledge of good and evil, they began to see each other as sexual objects and clothed themselves as a result. This is what truly angered the Alpha Primate Father. Because, now his children will lust for each other as sexual objects, and not appreciate each other by listening to one another. By listening to the opposite sex one is married to, understanding and wisdom will come and help them learn things they did not know without each other. 
Nudity has become something thought of as impure and indecent, because it is mostly viewed as sexual in the public’s eyes. For example, strip clubs, pornography, prostitution, molestation, and talking about sex with friends when it is for the bedroom only! 
The art during the Renaissance displayed appreciation for the human body without sexual content. There were no close up paintings of penises inside vaginas. Or adults molesting kids. Their art was commonly known for religious scenes and portraits. Pornography is the problem. Not art! Purenudism.com is not Pornographic, which is exactly what needs to be promoted right now from all the so called God fearing people of the world. To not see the opposite gender as sexual objects, but to appreciate one another in their purest form created by our Father.
The Jehovah Disciples Church of Christ intends on building a Naturist Colony You can see by clicking Here. But first we will build a 90 foot by 90 foot Nudist Church for Je.di. Members Only. My Vidia will explain the rules.

Wiccan Popess

1. No touching (Exceptions are life and death situations, and guardians controlling their children) “Because, if you are allowed to touch some parts of the body and not other parts, your making those parts forbidden. As a result it will remain the point of interest. Causing members to be excited sexually or coveting their brothers and sisters. Explaining the people want what they can’t have mentality. If you make it so nobody can touch each other, it’s saying you have to respect the whole person as a person, and not parts. Think of a child, whereas one would say, “You cannot touch that part of your neighbor, but you may touch them anywhere else,” you are causing them to focus their attention toward that part as forbidden object, making them desire it. Telling them, “Don’t touch anyone in here,” makes them respect their neighbor as a whole person, and understands that touch is for family in their home. We don’t allow members to touch anyone outside of their Church unless they are married . Even when they are married the opposite sex, they cannot touch anyone. Sex is only for married adults who are monogamous. These rules apply to the whole Naturist Temple with the 18 foot by 18 foot rooms made into walls click Here to see. The center is for member residences to socialize, but they cannot touch in the center area. They may only touch in their 18 foot by 18 foot room. No one who does not live in their neighbor’s 18 foot room may enter it. No bros coming in your room to watch the game, or sisters to talk about Opera. Only the husband and his wife and kids. When the kids are 18, they get their own room. Brothers and sisters who are not children in their parent’s room may not enter each other’s rooms as adults. They must socialize in the center area. Only Husband, Wife, and Kids in each room. No exceptions. 
2. No comments toward anyone related to their physical body. For example, “You look like you dropped weight. Your arms are getting buff. Nice thighs.” Etc. We do not tolerate this kind of talk between members. Anyone breaking these rules will be banned from membership.
3. No touching Genitals or Anus (If you have a scratch go to the restroom, then wash your hands, lol) Don’t fondle your self sexually. Not even the breasts. Be appropriate.
4. Sit on your Je.di. Towel all time to prevent spread of germs. When you get up wrap it around your waste or shoulder to keep it on you at all time. Your towel MUST be washed when you return. No skuzzy towels!!!!
5. No getting drunk!!! No getting drunk!!! No getting drunk!!! This is not a bar. It is a family church and members must sober. Children drink grape juice. If their parents require a more Catholic style communion for their child, they will be given a small sip of wine by a police officer with a cracker. Then return to their grape juice. 
6. No running!!! This is why we have the exception to rule one about parents and children, so that parents can hold their child’s hand to control them. 
7. No swearing
8. No picking your nose or anything else
9. Require a $5.00 offering for adults and a $3.00 offering for children under 12 at the entrance. This will fund the pizza, wine, and juice. And the other expenses. Non Profit. Extra money will be spent building more Naturist Temples.
10. No cameras in the Temple except the police security observation cameras in the Temple, keeping it a safe environment for family. 
11. No anti-Jehovah disciple talk allowed. Membership will be taken. For example: “Negative talk towards Jews! Nazi fraises! White Power! Racial slurs of any kind! Killing anyone! Or any kind of threatening talk!” Etc. We don’t want a negative environment, and each member is trained for these situations, to stop the aggressor. 
12. Each member must repeat, “Jesus is the light, the light is in the wine. Jesus I drink your blood, wash away my sins.” at the door.
13. Raise your hand when you want to speak in Family Bible Study time. 

Wiccan Pope

Vidia and I have spoken to each other on the topic of Nudity, related to guys who like nude pics and videos. And, chicks who feel undesirable from their husband as a result. What we realize is men naturally like seeing females nude. There are two types. The first is the kind who appreciates a female’s purity and nonsexual artistic love and respect for themselves. Like Michelangelo or Leonardo Da’ Vinci paintings in the Renaissance. Having no sexual desire for the model painted, but understands that if all art consists of one beautiful woman, then art would be lonely.
The second is the kind who wants to nut one off, and sees only the vagina lustfully not the woman as a whole. They do not see her as a gift to keep pure for their brother who marries her, but instead a gift to nut one off. 
The point is, my brothers if you appreciate nude art, not porn, then click one of the Naturist banners and rid yourself of sexual immorality. See our sisters as family and appreciate them, instead of objectifying them. Stay out of strip clubs, quit sleeping with random bitches, and listen to your wife.
Sisters if you appreciate nude male bodies, and are sick of degrading porn, you are welcome too. Women get out of the strip clubs and prostitution. Take care of your kids, and quit making more with men who hate you.